The Scrapbook Of Childhood Memories

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Childhood Memories: The Scrapbook of Life

It is amazing how we all come from such different backgrounds and our past experiences vary even when we think that we were brought up in a similar environment. Yet at the end of the day it seems that our perspectives on life vary to greater or lesser degrees and in this way we are all unique and can contribute in different ways to society. Why is it then that we often fear, feel threatened or disregard perspectives that are different to our own?

Childhood memories are a bit like our dreams that come and go and are triggered by certain events. Some things are hard to remember even though we might feel the pain through a trigger. In many ways it might be deemed a mercy that we tend to forget the most painful things, yet as humans we can also choose to only remember negative things, especially about other people, in order to make ourselves feel better. With a bit of help we might be able to allow the good memories to reinforce our self-worth so that we don't find other people a threat to us. We might even be able to enjoy their differences and view them as positive. Then we won't need to compete with them. Try it and see if it works! Here are some of my childhood memories that allow me to feel good about myself:

Childhood MemoriesWinning second prize in a verse speaking competition at school
Winning a book in a postal competition
Fun parties with my family at birthdays and Christmas
Two family holidays (the only two)
Day trips to the beach
Singing and playing along with my three sisters in public on occasions
Cosy evenings feeling warm and safe, snuggled up with my sister and mother whilst she read us stories before bed
Playing at the park with my friends and looking out for my father as he walked home from the station and walking home with him
When family friends came for tea
Being bridesmaid at my sister's wedding
Going on the train with my mother and sister to visit my grandmother in London

Receiving the beautiful hobby horse that my father made me for Christmas one year and racing up and down our long living room on it.
Staying up late to help my sister finish off the crocheted poncho she was making our other sister for Christmas. I helped tie on the tassles to complete it.

Christine Hulme loves writing about ways in which we can "live well" in a difficult world. She believes in creating a safe place in a healthy family environment, from which she believes we can go out and accomplish great things. She has an NVQ3 In Early Years Care & Education and loves cooking, arts & crafts, music, guitar, singing, walking, swimming and sharing these things with others.

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