Childhood Memories and Personalized Books

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Adults can be shaped by our childhood memories

Childhood memories are very powerful and are shaped by our child's experiences whether they are good or bad. Our lives as adults can be shaped by our childhood memories as every aspect of our adult lives are touched by our childhood experiences. Growing up makes one realize and miss the simplicity of childhood. The decisions that have to be made in childhood are made with ease and with little lasting affect. If only everything in our adult life would be so easy and stress free. The memories of our childhood are the roots that our adult goals come from. Our expectations, perspectives, attitudes even our view of life are influenced by the memories and experiences we had in our childhood.

Childhood MemoriesAs you look back over some of the special childhood memories, the peaceful, comfortable memories perhaps on a porch swing or the backyard. Perhaps you where like me and enjoyed rain storms during the springtime, I would take a blanket throwing it over a couple of dining room chairs making a tent in a quiet part of the house and enjoy an afternoon with some of my favorite friends, books. The places I could go, the experiences I could be a part of and not even leave the house. Those who understand the experience need me to not explain further for they have enjoyed the same activity and to those who don't understand the attraction to a quiet time with the most beloved treasures of ones life; there are no words to help you understand the attraction. Just a deep sadness on my part for the inability you will never have of enjoying the travels and adventures that the rest of us have enjoyed in our secret hideaways.

As children came into my husband and my lives, reading and sharing stories was a very important thing for me to experience with them. They were read too privately usually during the day catching a story here or there as siblings were sleeping or away from the house. Evenings were combined reading were the kids would all gather on one bed and a chapter would be read out of a shared novel. Their daddy was the master of story time, he did not take his stories out of books which contained another's story plot, he created his own with contributions made by little minds sluggish with sleep but unwilling to release the storyteller quite yet.

With having those sweet memories of my own childhood and introducing the same experiences to my own children I am constantly looking for alternatives for creating childhood memories for the children of today's society. The other forms of entertainment that is introduced to a child such as TV, video games, computers the joy of books often gets put to the side.

There is a new and unique twist on the standard story; a personalized storybook. I have had parents tell me that their child does not enjoy reading, that might be true but being read to with a story book that is all about them. There is no child that does not like a story about them. These personalized books use the child's own name, their age, where they live. Making the child the star of the story! Up to four favorite friends or even pets can be included in the child's story. Looking for a unique gift, these little children's books are great because there is a dedication page that tells the child a special message and who the book is from. There are many different stories; most of a child's favorite characters can be found in a book such as Sesame Street, Spiderman, Marvel Heroes just to name a few. Is your child into sports? They can be the star in their own football, soccer or all around sports book. There are books for princesses and even animal lovers.

So if the kids are bored or fighting and just need some attention just go drag the quilt off the bed throw it over a couple of chairs, grab some fun books and spend a little quality time with the kids. SShhh, nobody else is looking go make some memories.

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