In 1969 Elmer & Jen Denman had a vision of a place where families could spend quality, bonding time while experiencing a piece of country living.  To that end, they built Pleasant Acres Farm Campground, and started a legacy that would last for generations and touch thousands of families.  Forty years and three generation later, Pleasant Acres sits right in the middle of the Denman Family's 300-acre working farm.  When you visit us, you might get to watch a newborn pony take it's first steps; watch baby goats run, play and sheep surf (yes, they really do surf on the sheep); enjoy a horse drawn hayride around the park; or watch us make a few hundred bales of hay.  Most of our campers choose to stay in a Park Model RV, which offers you all of the comforts of home…maybe more.   You can rent a Park Model at Pleasant Acres for a similar price to a hotel room, or you can buy your own Park Model for about the same amount of money as a typical car payment.  Either way, Pleasant Acres can make your dream of a country summer home a reality.

When you visit Pleasant Acres, you aren't just customer – you are guests of the Denman Family.  As your hosts, we will do everything we can to help you create childhood memories for your family.  For us, that's not just a mission statement – it's a proud family tradition.


Think back to your carefree days. Did you sneak out early in the morning to go fishing with your buddies? Did you build forts or tree houses in the woods? Did your family stop for a picnic lunch at a special rest stop on your way to grandma's house? Did you have a very special birthday party? Did you and your mom bake chocolate chip cookies together after school? Did you and your family spread out on the floor and play board games on Friday nights? Did you play word games on long car rides? Did you make something with your dad in his workshop? As you might guess these were some of my family's favorite childhood memories.

Now what are your memories? Make a list of about five or six. Wouldn't it be great to share some of these with your own family? It's one thing to tell your children stories about what it was like when you were a child, but even more impactful to relive them together. I understand the usual reaction as you describe how much fun you had playing board games and eating popcorn when kids today are used to fast-paced video games. What they are missing is being able to play together as a family.

When was the last time your family planned for and went on a picnic rather than stopping for a quick fast food meal? I'm sure the first time you have your family picnic someone will forget to pack the mustard or something else. Oh well, the fun will be in planning a healthy and fun outing. Maybe pick a location at a nearby state park where you can dangle your feet in the water or take a walk. Now you are helping to create cherished memories for your children.

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